Best Acer Laptops for Business

Acer may be better known for affordable consumer laptops than business-class systems, but the company does offer enticing options for workers. The lineup includes laptops that are slim and portable, laptops meant for serious multitasking, and flexible 2-in-1s. Even better, many of our top picks for work are quite affordable, but keep in mind that they are primarily consumer laptops, these weren’t built to be used 9-plus hours a day for years at a time, and many of them have unnecessary bloatware.

That said, users with mixed business and personal needs and a modest budget would do well to consider an Acer. Under the hood Acer’s offer quality processors and decent storage, Acer displays are generally high quality, and while the designs are a little on the safe and boring side they won’t look out of place in a board room or at a conference, click here for more info.

Here are our top picks based on different needs and budgets.
– Acer Aspire S 13
– Acer Aspire E 15
– Acer Spin 5

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